Lockout Tagout

Safety product

Lockout Tagout Safety Products

Paprsky Lockout Tagout safety products. Lockout Padlock, Circuit Breaker Lockout Combo set, Lockout Station and cabinets.


lockout Kit

Multipurpose Cable Lockout Kit PS-LOTO-KIT-MCL

lockout Kit

Basic Electrical Lockout Kit PS-LOTO-kit-BECL

lockout Kit

Electrical Lockout Kit PS-LOTO-Kit-ECBL2

lockout Kit

Mini Lockout Kit PS-LOTO-Kit-M

lockout Kit

Valve Mechanical Lockout Kit PS-LOTO-KIT-VL

Lockout Tagout Group Box lockout for safety

Paprsky lockout tagout devices group box lockout for safety PS-LOTO-Devices-7, PS-LOTO-Devices-13

Paprsky LOTO Devices

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Our Products

Paprsky Lockout Tagout Manufacturer from India LOTO Devices.


1.  Lockout Padlock

2. Lockout Hasps

3. Circuit Breaker Lockout

4. Cylinder Lockout

5. Multipurpose Cable Lockout

6. Electrical Lockout

7. Pneumatic Plug Lockout

8. Valve Lockout

9. Lockout Station

10. Lockout Boxes & Key Cabinets

11. Lockout Tags

12. Lockout Kits


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