lockout Kit

Mechanical Valve Lockout Kit

LOTO Model PS-LOTO-KIT-VL Quantity
Dielectric padlock small PS-LOTO-PPNR-38 2
Dielectric padlock long PS-LOTO-PPNR-76 3
Economy Padlock PS-LOTO-PPR-38 2
Steel Shackle Padlock PS-LOTO-DPLS-76 3
Electrical Hasp PS-LOTO-HASP-CS 3
Scorpio Hasp PS-LOTO-HASP-DSR 1
Valve lockout PS-LOTO-BV2 1
Valve lockout PS-LOTO-BV2-A 1
Universal Valve lockout with double arm and cable PS-LOTO-UVL2ARM 1
Universal Valve lockout SET – with single arm and cable PS-LOTO-UVLSSET 1
Danger Tag PS-LOTO-TAG-D 10
Lockout Pen for Tags PS-LOTO-Pen 1
* Note : Kit is provided either in KIT Bag or in GLB Box – as per clients requirement.